Hi, I'm Elven Alliance

Hi, I’m Elven Alliance

Hello everyone! My name is Elven Alliance and I’m a moderator for the Chicken Derby Discord!

I’ve started my journey into NFT’s a few months ago, with Zed Run bringing me into a world that I would’ve never thought I’d join. Everything about Zed was so intricate and confusing, it was like being thrown into a new world where the term “D.Y.O.R” was the running theme of the space, and I was tired of feeling like fresh meat in a pack of wolves. Of course you should always do your own research when jumping into any new project, but there were so many questions that I had, and so little support from the community, but then Chicken Derby came along. Chicken Derby is fresh and it made me feel like I was able to start from scratch.I knew that there were many advantages to being early in a game like this, but I vowed to never gatekeep information, and to always welcome new members with the amount of help that I needed when I first started out in the NFT space. I hope for a community that relies on each other for support, regardless of how early or late they came into the game. People need to understand that while the game may be competitive in nature, there’s no need to have such a degree of separation between veterans and new players as to keeping any information a secret, we’re all figuring this out together.

My Observation Of The Community

The community for Chicken Derby has been absolutely amazing, and we’re all supportive of anyone who wants to partake in the game. I’ve done my part in trying to help with whatever issues or general questions that people have, but one thing I can say is that I’m proud of everyone who goes above and beyond to help out in any way they can too. You, the people are what perpetuate the game and what make the community a welcoming environment for everyone, so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Now to delve into some of the buying strategies I’ve been doing this past month.

Buying Strategies

One thing I’ve been focusing on are the higher perfection Lakenvelder’s, mainly because they’re within an affordable price range, are a step up from the Dorking’s and still have a ton of room to grow. While the 100 perfection Lakenvelder’s seem to be slipping away in terms of affordability, I’ve noticed that there are huge price differences in the 95-99 perfection range in which I see a ton of great deals to be had. I will continue to update you all on my buying strategies as the game progresses, so stay tuned!